Late last year, my husband and I moved to Southeast Michigan from Central Ohio.  It’s amazing how moving a mere 250 miles can feel like moving to a whole new country that just happens to speak the same language. But, having a whole new world to explore is a lot of fun.

Right now, my favorite exploration is the local wildlife.  We used to live in a much more urban area, so even though many of the same critters were in Ohio, they weren’t in “our Ohio.”

Now that we’re hundreds of miles from both family and friends, it can get a bit lonely.  So, I’ve decided to share my world with you.

Thanks for joining me,

Valerie Martin (a.k.a. Catholic Bohemian)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Steve,

    I picked it for two reasons, and I’m not sure which is primary. The first is probably best described as a lack of self-confidence. I started a different blog some time ago, and it had a name that was tailored to its purpose. Unfortunately, it wound up being a bad fit for me. So, even though I’ve wiped its posts, etc., I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it for other projects. This time, I chose a broader title in case something else goes wrong.

    The second is that I want to be able to use it for general purposes as well as photographic. Though “good blogs” generally stick to one subject, if I run across a fascinating idea or get thoroughly snarked at a company, I want to be able to blog about it without violating my vision for the blog. I chose Catholic because I am Catholic and do believe in the teachings of the Church. I picked Bohemian because I don’t strike people as the typical orthodox Catholic (probably something about the currently-blue-and-black hair, the pierced nose, the occasionally funky clothing . . .).



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